About Dell Smitherman

Dell Smitherman is a lifelong Brooklyn resident. He has spent most of his life in the 19th Senate District. He grew up in Pink Houses in East New York. Since then he has lived in East Flatbush in the Northern part of the district and is now a home owner in Canarsie where he has lived for the last 10 years. Because of Dell’s long history in the district he has a clear understanding of the issues that affect the families in Eastern Brooklyn, and he’ll fight to create more affordable housing, improve our schools and attract good jobs with benefits to our community.

Dell is the former Political Coordinator of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. He has devoted the last 18 years of his life to representing working and middle class New Yorkers. As a representative of 1199SEIU Dell has worked on Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Dell Smitherman started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant and became active in bettering his community and fighting for his fellow workers as a rank and file union member in the 1990s. Through the years he has worked his way up through 1199SEIU, first as a Member Political Organizer and later as a Political Organizer and Political Coordinator. Through his work over the past 20 years he has forged relationships with local, state and federal elected officials and is ready to work with them as he represents the constituents in the 19th Senate district.

Dell has witnessed firsthand both the damaging cyclical effects of income inequality, seeing how it negatively impacts families and communities, as well as seeing the raw potential and strength gained from empowering people through political and community involvement. He was a key leader in the fight to raise the minimum wage, institute the millionaire’s tax, the Affordable Care Act and the Community Safety Act. And once elected, two of his top priorities will be to pass the DREAM Act and the Women’s Equality Act. He has spent his adult life organizing and representing workers and is now ready to use his experience to represent our families and organize our Eastern Brooklyn communities.

Dell was recently honored for his diligence in the political field. He was the recipient of 2013 HABNET Distinguished Political Advocacy & Leadership Award. He has attended Brooklyn Technical High School and Queens College. Dell lives with his beautiful wife Lisa and their three children. 

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